DOES BEER MAKE YOU SMARTER? Creative problem solving when drinking

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Academic studies in the USA have established as fact what humankind has known for ages: Drinking alcohol makes you more creative. A study in the University of Illinois in Chicago has found that people were better at finding solutions after one drink. This is because when you have a few of sips of beer, you unlock parts of your brain that otherwise remain blocked or underused.

In the study, published in the Journal of Cognition and Consciousness, half the group of participants were given two pints of beer and the other half nothing. The beer group were able to solve 40% more tasks. In addition they were quicker in solving the tasks than the sober group. Some studies have found that if you drink after studying, it could actually help you remember better. This is because your brain relaxes and let things settle more deeply.

Why does a beer also boost your mind?

When you have learned to do something one way, it is sometimes nearly impossible to think outside the box. This is why it is also said that speaking a new language is easier when drinking than sober. According to researchers, alcohol can limit your fears and take away your shyness when trying new things as well as speeding up your thought process. For example, a glass of wine could help you to focus better and prevent overthinking.

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